Previous Meetings

ECCo Live 2021

ECCo Live 2021 was held online over two half days on the 15th and 16th September. The line up included plenary talks from Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy (University of Reading) and Sarah Rogers (STFC) and invited talks from Spyridon Varlas (University of Sheffield), winner of the Katharine Burr Blodgett Award, and Catherine Hodges (Royal Society of Chemistry). We also had 14 contributed talks from a range of PhD students, PDRAs and academics from 7 countries (incl. India and Australia) and open discussions on on career opportunities/challenges for early career scientists.

ECCo Live 2020

The ECCo meeting moved online in 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The half-day webinar on 10th September comprised presentations from keynote speaker and delegates. We had the pleasure of the keynote speaker, Cecile Dreiss from Kings College London presenting her work on ‘The colloid science of bile salts and lipid digestion – and other colloid stories‘. Other speakers included James E. Hallett (University of Oxford), Thomas M. McCoy (University of Cambridge), Katherine Macmillan (Heinrich Heine University), Guido Bolognesi (Loughborough University), Timothy J. Murdoch (University of Pennsylvania) and James W. Hindley (Imperial College London).

2nd Annual Early Colloid Meeting 2019

The 2nd Annual Early Colloid Meeting 2019 was held at Loughborough University on 16th – 17th September.

Our plenary speakers included Dr peter Shaw (Synthomer) and Karen Edler (University of Bath) and panel members included Dr Marianne Rolph (EPSRC), Gabrielle Newson (UKRI), Garima Sharma (RSC).

The meeting was organised by the Early Career Colloid Group Committee, which consists of Dr Tim Snow (Secretary, Diamond Light Source), Dr Lee Fielding (Treasurer, University of Manchester), Dr Ben Cheesman (Treasurer, Aqdot Limited), Dr Kirsty Stark (Webdesign and Social Media, Battelle, UK) and Dr David Growney (Industry Liaison, Lubrizol Limited), alongside our local organisers, Dr Fiona Hatton and Dr Nacho Martin-Fabiani (Loughborough University).

Dr Brianna Knowles was the Australasian Colloid and Interface Society/UK Joint Colloids Group (RSC/SCI) bursary recipient and presented her work on Using Functionalised Silica Nanoparticle Colloids to prepare Antifouling Surface Coatings. David Brossault was the winner of our poster prize sponsored by Soft Matter and RSC books. Runner up prizes went to Ataulla Shegiwal and Tom Wilks.

Thanks again to all the sponsors of the event: Adaptive Instruments, Postnova, Lubrizol, Anton Paar, RSC, RSC Books, Polymer Chemistry, Soft Matter, Journal of Materials Chemistry B.

Inaugural Early Career Colloid meeting 2018

The Inaugural ECColloid meeting 2018 brought together early career colloid scientists from industry and academia and provide a forum for discussion, networking and facilitate knowledge exchange.

This 2-day meeting was held in Sheffield on 17-18th September with the aim to join newly appointed (within 10 years of first appointment) academics and industrialists, research fellows and postdocs, and will include plenary and contributed talks, a poster session and panel discussions (providing advice on careers and how to ‘bridge the gap’ between academia and industry).

Our Plenary Speakers included Professor Steve Armes (University of Sheffield) and Professor Peter Dowding (Infineum UK Ltd) and our panel members included Dr Laura Fisher (RSC Journals), Dr Sarah Rogers (ISIS STFC) and Dr Lien Ngo (Innovate UK).

The meeting was organised by Dr Fiona Hatton, Dr Gemma-Louise Davies, Dr Lee Fielding and Dr Kirsty Stark and generously sponsored by the RSC, SCI, Soft Matter, Polymer Chemistry, Unilever, Analytik, Postnova, Simadzu, Sanderson technology and Synthomer. Dr Long Yu from the University of Queensland gave a presentation thanks to the Australian Colloid and Interface Society exchange bursary and Dr Alison Savage (University of Liverpool) was announced as the recipient of a JCG bursary to attend the 2019 ACIS meeting in Tasmania. Betül Aldemir Dikici (University of Sheffield) was awarded the Postnova-sponsored poster prize.

I enjoyed the meeting and suggest to have it every year.

The panel sessions were particularly enlightening.

Overall I really enjoyed the conference and will definitely be back!